Japanese Language and Culture Workshop

Writing from the Pure Heart

Have you ever looked at Japanese scripts (hiragana, katakana and kanji) and thought that you would like to write these characters correctly, and beautifully?

Each of Japan’s three writing systems may appear different, but there are certain key characteristics present in all scripts, especially when writing. These characteristics originating from shodou (calligraphy) include the stroke shapes tome, hane, and harai (stop, hook and stretch). By trying calligraphy just once, you can grasp these key techniques to writing Japanese scripts.

In Japan, it is thought that the heart of a person resides in the characters that they write. Carefully written characters are not only easy to read, but they can show the feelings of the writer as well. In this way, you can demonstrate omoiyari, a consideration towards others.

In this workshop, you will learn: the history of shodou in Japan, its place in modern culture and the fundamentals of Japanese script writing.

Afterwards, you will use a pen or pencil to practice, and also have a chance to try calligraphy.

This workshop is recommended for learners who have just started studying Japanese.

About the presenter Chie Kakuya
Chie works in Hobart, as a language assistant for The Japan Foundation, and also teaches Japanese in a high school. She started doing shodou at 4 years old, and obtained a High School Teacher’s Calligraphy License in Japan. In January 2017, Chie assisted in a Japan Foundation, Sydney event, the Intensive Seminar for Japanese Language Teachers, where she gave a calligraphy demonstration and lesson for teachers.
Date: Saturday 25 February 2017 *Full
Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm
The Japan Foundation Sydney
Level 4, Central Park
28 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008
*Lift access to level 4 (No escalators)
Course Fee: General: $30.00 / JPF Member: $25.00
Class Size: Max: 20 / Min: 5 (First-come-first-served)
Participants: No experience in Japanese language study required
Minimum Age: 18 years
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