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Rakugo is the Japanese art of comic storytelling, performed seated and solo on a spartan stage with or without musical accompaniment. Canadian-born Katsura Sunshine is a professional rakugo storyteller who completed his apprenticeship in 2012. Now, Sunshine brings this 400-year-old living tradition to Sydney to entertain and delight fans and first-timers alike.
March 26: Talk event
March 28: Rakugo show
Stories Behind the Storytellers  
Public talk
Katsura Sunshine & Dr Ian McArthur
Moderated by Dr Carol Hayes (ANU)
Thursday, March 26 @ 6pm
RSVP essential.  
As a professional rakugo storyteller, Katsura Sunshine treads a path that a little-known Australian named Henry Black carved over 100 years ago, when he became the first Western rakugo artist in Japan. In this talk, Sunshine and Black’s biographer, Dr Ian McArthur, share stories about the call of the rakugo stage, classic tricks of the trade, and just how long it takes to memorise Jugemu’s full name.
Katsura Sunshine On Stage
Rakugo show (in English)
Saturday, March 28 @ 2pm
RSVP essential. Booked out
Armed with only a fan, a cloth, a cushion and your imagination, Katsura Sunshine lets loose with new and classic stories alike, providing plenty of laughs and golden old-school entertainment. Don’t miss this rare chance to see rakugo storytelling in action.


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Adelaide! (March 29)

Japan-Australia Friendship Association

Canberra! (April 1) 

Australia-Japan Society, ACT

The Japan Foundation Gallery
Level 4, Central Park
28 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008
Admission: Free. RSVP essential.
Contact: / 02 8239 0055
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