March 22
Gagaku 雅楽
Imperial court music
Standing Room Available
Lewis Cornwell
Lecturer, Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Gagaku is hypnotic, ethereal, and quite unlike anything you have ever heard before. Composer and musicologist Lewis Cornwell introduces this ancient UNESCO-listed musical tradition, guiding our ears through layers of sound to show why gagaku has captivated so many contemporary composers both in Japan and the West.
About Lewis Cornwell:
Lewis Cornwell is a lecturer at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music whose research interests include 20th-century Japanese composers. He is also an experienced composer, having studied composition with Peter Sculthorpe at the University of Sydney. Lewis was a founding member of the composers' collective Music Performed, and his works have been included in concerts by the International Society for Contemporary Music, the Mused Ensemble and the Seymour Group. His interest in studying and composing new music for traditional Japanese instruments has led to performances of his works in Japan and Europe, and his role as co-organiser of the Takemitsu Symposium and Tribute Concert at the University of Sydney in 1998.