March 15
Traditional Japanese harp
Booked Out
Satsuki Odamura
Accompanied by Yuka Funabashi & Yuko Yamamoto

At times like falling blossoms, at times like a raging waterfall—the unmistakable sound of the koto is compelling in all its guises. Renowned master Satsuki Odamura, together with fellow koto musicians Yuka Funabashi and Yuko Yamamoto, unravels the mysteries of this instrument and its musical history through conversation and live performance.
About Satsuki Odamura:
Satsuki Odamura is a koto virtuoso who pioneered the teaching and performing of this ancient Japanese instrument in Australia. She was taught in Japan by legendary koto players Tadao and Kazue Sawai, gaining her Shihan (master) license in 1985. Three years later she moved to Australia to establish a local branch of the Sawai School, and more recently founded the Koto Music Institute in Sydney in 2007.

Satsuki has worked with a number of musicians from other genres, including jazz, classical and other styles, and also heads her own koto ensemble which has performed widely in Australia and overseas. She has inspired numerous Australian composers to write for her instrument, including Peter Sculthorpe, Carl Vine and Mark Isaacs. Her most recent CD, Koto Dreaming, was released in 2006.
About Yuko Yamamoto:
Yuko Yamamoto has been a member of the Satsuki Odamura Koto Ensemble since 2010. Her first performance with the Ensemble was at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music with the Australian Chamber Orchestra. She has since performed at the Inland Sea of Sound Festival in Bathurst (2011), the Art Gallery of New South Wales (2012), ABC Radio National (2012) and TEDX Sydney (2012). As Satsuki’s second-in-command, Yuko works closely with Satsuki to promote the Koto Ensemble on the Australian music scene.
About Yuka Funabashi:
Yuka Funabashi is a member of the Satsuki Odamura Koto Ensemble, and her work with the group has included performances at the Inland Sea of Sound Festival (Bathurst, 2011), ABC Radio National (2012), the TEDX Festival (Sydney, 2012) and the Art Gallery of New South Wales (2012). She has also performed at the Taste of Japan cultural festival in Auckland, New Zealand. Born in Chiba, Yuka has been learning the koto from the age of six. Her current teachers are Satsuki Odamura (Sydney) and Kazue Sawai (Tokyo).
Yuko Yamamoto Yuka Funabashi