Session 2 begins on 31 March.
The Japan Foundation, Sydney provides an 8-week online course for teachers with a basic level of Japanese who would like to build up their language skills. The J-Basic Online term & enrollment dates for 2014, are as follows:

  Course Duration
2014, Session 1 3 February – 28 March 2014
2014, Session 2 31 March – 23 May 2014
2014, Session 3 26 May – 18 July 2014
2014, Session 4 21 July – 12 September 2014
2014, Session 5 15 September– 7 November 2014
2014, Session 6 24 November 2014 -23 January 2015
The online courses are designed for teachers who would like to build up basic language skills, but who do not have access to or cannot attend a continuous course. Through this course you will develop a basic working knowledge of Japanese grammatical structures and build up your confidence and skills in using Japanese effectively in your classroom.
This course:
  • assumes a knowledge of the Japanese syllabary and ability to read hiragana and katakana
  • is designed to be completed in 8 weeks
  • is made up of 8 units in each stage, the last being a revision unit
  • includes written tasks to be completed at the end of each unit which will be marked and returned with helpful comments from one of our Language Consultants.
On Mondays, a new weekly task unit will be available online. Previous weeks’ units will remain online for you to refer to during the course. Written tasks are sent via fax or email to the Japan Foundation for marking.  
Course contents:
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Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Registration fee:  
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 2 + view Stage 1
Stage 3
Stage 3 + view Stage 1&2
Stage 4
Stage 4 + view Stage 1,2 & 3

* Please note that course fees are non refundable
* Course applicants outside Australia should note that payment is to be made in Australian Dollars, and that the price may fluctuate based on exchange rate variations.